Nick Allen
Blueprint Properties

Summer Home Maintenance Tips

·      Trim shrubbery around exterior walls.

·      Check exterior door hardware, lubricate squeaky hinges and tighten loose handles and locks.

·      Inspect and clean window weep holes.  Check drainage.

·      Trim landscaping/clean around outdoor HVAC units to provide sufficient air flow.

·      Maintain exterior foundation grading/slop to ensure water moves away from home.

·      Test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries.

·      Clean sump pump and check drainage speed.

·      Check foundation walls, floors, concrete and masonry for cracking, heaving or deterioration.

·      Inspect roof surface including shingles, flashing, eaves and soffits; repair if necessary.

·      Check chimney exterior for deteriorating bricks.

·      Service or clean furnace filter.

·      Inspect and clean dryer exhaust vent.

·      Check siding for damage, warping, or rot.

·      Check window and door screens; replace or patch if needed.

·      Clean out basement egress window wells.

·      Check plumbing shut-off valves.  Ensure that they turn on and off freely.

·      Clean dishwasher filter.  Check dishwasher and drain line for leaks.


Enjoy Summer!